If you are currently in the process of remodelling or building a home from scratch, you may be faced with a series of decisions—one of them being whether or not you should insulate your roof. It is truly a big decision to make and certainly something to give a lot of thought. If you are unsure, rest assured that there are many benefits that come with insulating your roof. From allowing your home to retain heat, to saving on electricity, here are the many benefits of insulating your home’s roof.

The Ability to Retain Heat

As mentioned previously, one of the major benefits to insulating your roof is the fact that your home is able to retain more heat all thanks to this extra added layer. This is especially convenient for people who live in particularly cold environments and rely on fireplaces and expensive heating systems to stay warm. Under-roof insulation (called ฉนวนกันความร้อนใต้หลังคา in Thai) helps keep heat from escaping your home and therefore keeps it much warmer than homes without insulation.

At the same time, roof insulation can also prevent heat from entering our home during warm weather. This in turn, keeps your house cool and saves you money on electricity and energy, yet another benefit to roof insulation.

Saving Money

This is yet another benefit that comes with adding roof insulation to your home. Since the temperature in your home is kept at a pleasant level as a result of the insulation, there is really no need for you to rely on an air conditioner or heating system. These systems cost a lot of money to run, so when you aren’t using them, you end up saving tons of money.

Extra Protection

If you live in an area where it rains often or hurricanes are more common than not, then roof insulation is something you definitely want to consider. The added insulation will protect your roof and your home from natural elements and may even prevent leaks from forming in your roof. Your roof tends to deteriorate over time, especially as a result of weather. But with added insulation protecting it, your roof is likely to last much longer than most.

Replacing your roof isn’t inexpensive, so why not make sure you can protect it as much as possible? With insulation, your roof will remain as good as new for years to come.