The purchase of real estate at a distance can be imposed on you as part of a professional transfer project, faced with the desire to acquire a second home or in order to make a rental investment.

Buying a property at a distance: how to organize your search?

The search for a house or an apartment, whether it is near or at a distance from your place of residence, can be easily undertaken by internet. For the home buying guides this is important now.

However, when doing your research remotely, it’s best to be methodical!

If you locate a property through an advertisement posted on the internet by an individual or a real estate agency, ask the advertiser to give you a sufficiently precise geographic location to allow you to investigate the immediate environment of the property. You will be able to locate local services such as schools, shops or public transport, but also check the mobile coverage of the area for example!

Buying a property at a distance: how to find out about the property value?

Buying in a region unknown to us can lead to ignorance of the local real estate market and its prices. In order to have a fair and realistic idea of ​​the real estate value of the property of the municipality you are targeting, you can use the application ” Request for land value ” (DVF), developed by the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFiP ) . Thanks to this tool, you will be informed about the latest transactions made in the town and the purchase price of the surrounding goods.

Purchasing a property from a distance: is a virtual visit sufficient?

Before buying a house or an apartment it is strongly recommended to visit it. If the advertisements of goods for sale are very often accompanied by photographs, the virtual visits develop more and more.

This mode of visit can help you to preselect the goods which interest you but can hardly replace a visit on the spot.

On the other hand, if your real estate project concerns a sale in a future state of completion, more commonly called off-plan purchase, the visit is impossible. This type of real estate investment therefore lends itself particularly well to the realization of an entirely remote purchase.

Buying a property at a distance: how to find information beyond the announcement?

Beyond photographs and filmed tours of the property that interests you, a certain number of essential information for your purchase can be requested remotely. Requesting them upstream will allow you to limit the number of properties to visit and gain efficiency.

You can thus request the property diagnostics of the property. These documents will inform you about the electrical installation, the presence of termite or the energy performance of the accommodation. All of which can lead you to reconsider your desire to buy, and therefore to visit.


In addition, do not hesitate to approach the town hall in order to take note of the local town planning plan. This will inform you about the possibility of building an extension but also about the buildability of the surrounding land which could compromise a sea view for example.

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