A pool is one of those luxuries a lot of homeowners dream about. The trouble is, they are expensive, and if you’re planning to sell in a few years, you want to know this expense is justified. If you’re thinking of building a pool, then it needs to be carefully planned in order to add value, and here are some considerations you need to make.

A pool needs to be safe

Pools need to be safe, otherwise they can put off potential buyers. Before you even start to build a pool, you should look into safety rules in your area, and you should get pool certification Castle Hill as soon as construction is finished. Different regions have different rules around things like fencing heights and gate locks, so make sure your pool is compliant before you go for your first swim.

Pools only add value if people want them

Pools tend to add value to a home, but only if:

  • You live somewhere where a pool will be used a lot – if you live somewhere with short summers, then potential buyers might not be interested
  • Your home is the sort of place someone with a pool might want – if you have a fairly small home but add a big pool, you might struggle to find buyers. People on a budget won’t want to take on the maintenance costs
  • The pool is well-maintained and looks good

It’s therefore important to ask whether the pool will add real value to your home. Will it be a positive or negative when you sell? Pools certainly aren’t for everyone, and if you list a house for sale with a pool, you can grab people’s attention, but it needs to be for the right reasons.

Make your pool attractive

If pools are common in your neighbourhood, you should make sure your one stands out from the crowd. Many homes have pools that are square and dull, so try and make yours an attractive design so that it gets noticed. If you can add any decorative features, this is good too, as it helps to sell the place to potential buyers.

Pools can add value to your home, but homeowners should be cautious and not assume they’ll give them a big return on their investment. A pool needs to be safe, well-maintained and well-designed in order to get attention, so make sure you start off with a good design and invest in safety.

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