Choosing the right marquee company to make sure your event runs smoothly can be tricky, especially for a theme-based event such as birthdays. However, keeping a few things in mind can help you find the right marquee provider and help ensure everything is perfect from the beginning

  1. What Floor Surface to Pick

Your venue may either have hardwood floors, cement flooring, or an unstable surface such as grass. A grass surface is more convenient and cost-effective, but your marquee company can arrange a dance floor or aisle ramp on grass if needed.

  1. What the Layout of the Land Is Like

It’s important to pick a flat layout as compared to slope or uneven since that affects the lining of tables and chairs. If you’ve already booked, make sure to hire a marquee company that can deal with different terrains.

  1. Venue Accessibility

Perhaps the most important of all, your marquee provider should be able to access the venue. Ask your venue if marquee vans are allowed. The distance between the van parking spot and the event site directly affects the time taken for the setup. Hire a marquee company in Kingston that has access to venues and is willing to drive to nearby areas.

  1. Power Source

Your marquee company should also be able to provide a power generator if the venue doesn’t have a main power source. Things such as catering (especially live), DJ, lighting, and so on all need a constant power supply.

  1. Accessories

If you need extras such as a jukebox, chill-out area, DJ tent, and so on, find a marquee provider who can set them up.


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