As far as, finding design ideas for an outdoor barbecue space is concerned, be rest assured the options are countless. Whether you want a simple built-in grill island or a gourmet outdoor kitchen, anything and everything is possible.

Here we have listed some unique ideas which can help you upgrade an existing barbecue space or building a completely new outdoor BBQ island in Las Vegas. So, let’s see how you can transform your outdoor barbecue island…

Tips and ideas to transform your outdoor barbecue space

  • Installing a catchy countertop – The sky is the limit when it is about countertop options. However, remember that every countertop requires a different type of care and maintenance. So, keeping your lifestyle and location in mind you must weigh the pros and cons of every available countertop option.
  • Adding a Backsplash – If you are placing your outdoor barbecue island against a wall, you have the opportunity todo something creative with the wall. Most of the people go for stucco, but keep in mind that it can get stained easily by the smoke. On the other hand, if you install tiles they can be wiped clean in no time.

  • Install a stylish chimney – Chimneys are inevitable in areas where smoke doesn’t get clear on its own. Besides, if you add a stylish chimney to your outdoor barbecue island, it can enhance its overall beauty and look.
  • Additional entertainment – No wonder, barbecuing is a fun activity, but what if you can have some extra entertainment in this area. Fortunately, now technology has improved so much that televisions that can handle direct sunlight, wind, and even rain are available. Manufacturers are selling models depending on the kind of sunlight a particular area receives.
  • Lights – Adding some creative lights is the most cost-effective way to make any space lovelier and lively, and your outdoor barbecue area is no different in this regard. Since now there are plenty of options for outdoor lights, finding something that suits your taste, will not be very difficult.
  • Introduce some unique appliances – Appliances like a retro fridge can add some cute vibe to your outdoor barbecue space. They come in a variety of colors, and thus you can find something perfectly suitable for your barbecue island design.
  • Add some cute accessories – By adding some cute accessories to your outdoor barbecue space you will simply make it more inviting. So consider adding items like lanterns, vases, pillows, etc.

So, you see, decorating outdoor barbecue space is not that difficult. All you need is a little bit of brainstorming. Well, of course, you can always consider involving a professional designer to make the whole task easier.

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