This is an exciting experience whenever you choose to change to solar power. After lots of research, you’ve determined that you would like to purchase solar power panels. You are so excited that you have already began to analyze solar installers in your town. Still, one no doubt presently holds you away from making the proceed to solar: “What else must i do before requesting an estimate?”

We recommend checking to make certain your homes roof is really as ready for any solar power installation when you are. You will find three important questions you think about prior to you making the proceed to solar power:

Exactly what does your homes roof seem like?

What’s the condition of the roof?

Just how much shade does your homes roof get during the day?

Your solutions will help you determine whether you’re ready to get quotes for solar power panels. Let us dig into each question, we could?

Exactly What Does My Roof Seem Like?

A fast inspection of the roof is a huge initial step in figuring out be it ready for any solar power installation. You will find three major factors you should think about:

Age your homes roof

The roofing material

Potential obstacles for solar power panels

Chronilogical age of the rooftop

The older your homes roof, the much more likely it’s that you will have to complete some work before you decide to purchase a solar array. In case your roof will have to be replaced over the following ten years, it is best to change it before solar power panels are set up. This could save you from getting to get rid of and reinstall them once the roof is replaced.

Roofing Materials

While solar power panels are routinely placed on metal and asphalt roofs, some roofing materials, for example slate and Spanish tiles, want more care when installing solar power panels. In case your roof consists of a fragile material, you need to consult a professional roofer for his or her recommendation on mounting panels in your roof.

Potential Obstacles

Solar power panels have to be set in straight rows. What this means is obstacles, for example vents and dormers, can limit the number of panels can fit in your roof. A great solar consultant could possibly design around these obstacles, however it can continue to impact your general solar potential.

What’s the Condition Under My Roof?

With respect to the condition of the roof, you may want to change it before you decide to install new panels. Inspect your homes roof for an additional signs:

Broken rafters or trusses

Leaks or stains within the attic room or on walls


Dark, “dirty-searching” spots on the top

In case your roof is showing these signs or has not been replaced previously ten years, you will want a roof covering repair estimate from the professional. Look around and find out what you could find. When the area you need to install panels is inaccessible, talk to your home’s blueprints for that structure of the roof.

Just How Much Shade Does My Roof Get?

Shade from trees along with other structures can limit producing the body. Due to this, it is best to avoid installing panels in shady areas in your rooftop, if at all possible. If required, trees may also be trimmed to optimize unshaded area in your roof. Use Project Sunroof to determine approximately just how much sunlight your homes roof sees every year and which regions of your homes roof might be best for panels.