In New Zealand, homes are more than just a structure, they’re a castle where comfort and privacy are paramount. However, this tranquillity can be disrupted by uninvited guests, pests. From animals and insects to birds, these nuisances can turn a peaceful home into a source of discomfort. This blog will show the importance of pest control services in New Zealand, the common pests encountered, and why prompt action is crucial.

No polite option exists when animals, insects and birds decide to invite themselves into and around your property and there is nothing that you can do apart from call and know more about pest control services. There are service providers in New Zealand that understand exactly what you are going through, and they have the means and the experience to make these annoyances go away. The following are just some of the typical uninvited guests that every New Zealand homeowner has to endure every single year.

  • The dreaded pigeon – Many New Zealanders describe these as rats with wings and that is a pretty good description. They carry massive amounts of disease with them and once they start to settle in, it can be impossible to move them on and they will keep coming back year after year to build their nests in and around your home and to defecate on everything below them.
  • Bees and wasps – While we do need these particular insects as pollinators for our crops, when they begin to set up home in the gable end of your property or in the bushes surrounding your home then you really do need to move them on before they start building a nest and settle in for the long-term. Trying to move them on by yourself can be incredibly dangerous and if you have children or pets, you need to call out pest control services.
  • Rats and mice – We certainly do not like these particular pests living in our properties and many New Zealanders put poison down for them only for them to die later in the roof space which causes a huge stink and there is no way to get at them to throw them away. We can hear them up there in the roof space and in many cases, they chew through Internet cable and electrical cable at an alarming rate.

These are just three pests that New Zealanders have to deal with every single year and there are a lot more. The thing to take away from this article is that you should never give them an opportunity to settle down and get comfortable because once they do, it can make it even more difficult for pest control people to take them away and stop them from coming back altogether.

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