For better garden productivity, soil health is crucial. Every gardener looks for ways to enhance their soil quality. The use of soil conditioners will help you improve soil quality.

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Basics of soil conditioning

Soil conditioning means enhancing several components of the soil and enriches its quality.


It is the physical or large-scale structure of the soil. It gives an idea of many things like –

  • Are there clumps?
  • What is the size of these clumps?
  • Are there channels for water to enter and drain?
  • What is the aeration level?

Good tilth structure supports the healthy growth of the roots.

Water-holding capacity

It depends on the type of soil, but some things can alter it. A well-drained soil holding sufficient water supports the healthy growth of plants and trees.

Nutrient-holding capacity

The ability of the soil to sustain minerals, which are nutritious for the plants, is referred to as nutrient-holding capacity. Clay soils have a great nutrient-holding capacity, so they are more fertile. Nevertheless, they need to overcome their vulnerability to get clumpy.

Organic matter percentage 

A proper organic matter percentage level is crucial for soil biological activity promotion. It impacts the tilth, nutrient, and water-holding capacities.

Soil conditioners ingredients

Soil conditioners are organic or inorganic or a blend of both.

Organic ingredients

  • Animal manure
  • Sewage sludge
  • Cover crop residue
  • Peat moss
  • Sawdust
  • Grounded pine bark

Inorganic soil conditioners have common ingredients like –

  • Gypsum
  • Slate
  • Polysaccharides
  • Pulverized limestone
  • Glauconite

Soil conditioner vs. fertilizer

Fertilizers add nutrients to the plants and soil but in hardpan or clay soils the nutrients get locked. Fertilizers don’t change soil structure but help to treat symptoms. It is total money waste when added nutrients cannot be used. The best action is to improve the soil and then start a fertilizing routine.

How to condition soil?

Get the soil tested, so you get to know what needs to be corrected. It depends on the soil type. The majority of organic soil conditioners enhance soil structure, water retention, drainage, add nutrients as well as supply micro-organisms food. On the other hand, few hold a high nitrogen level.

Garden gypsum loosens the soil, enhances water and air exchange in clay soil. Calcium also gets added to soil high in sodium. The limestone soil conditioners correct the high acid in the soil as well as add to magnesium and calcium.

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