Many people are just happy to be getting themselves onto the property ladder and they never really think about the dangers that lurk within some Australian homes or business properties. You may think that you have gotten yourself a bargain but many properties that were built in the early 70s were done so using a building product that was added to improve strength and to make fixtures and fittings more durable. I am referring to here to what is called asbestos and many Aussie homeowners nowadays are completely unaware of what this is.

Thankfully it is no longer used in the building industry any more but if your property is an old one then there might be a high likelihood that asbestos is contained within it in some regard and so you may need to use the services of asbestos removal. The following are just some of the locations within your home or business property that might contain danger in the form of asbestos.

  • Contained within roof tiles – Asbestos was added to roof tiles because not only did it make them incredibly strong and long-lasting but it also helped them to be more fire retardant. People back then didn’t realise the dangers that asbestos represented and so they pretty much put it into most building products.
  • In the insulation – It was also added to insulation products and so it was used throughout the property in many homes and many business properties at that time. This means that it was pretty much everywhere within any building and so this is what makes it such a danger to everyone if it is found and why you need professional asbestos disposal.
  • In cement board – This was used prolifically around all properties in Australia and so asbestos was added to provide strength and durability. It is quite a worrying prospect to think that asbestos is contained in most building aspects of your property because cement board is used in both walls and ceilings.

The thing to remember however is that if you suspect that there may be asbestos within your home or business property then you need to step away from it immediately and do not interfere with it. This is a job for the professionals and so you should call them out if you have any suspicions that asbestos is within your property. They will come out to make a proper assessment of the dangers and they will remove it if that is what is required.

The commitment of JS Removals asbestos removal services doesn’t end once the asbestos is gone. They stand by their clients, offering guidance on preventive measures to avoid future asbestos-related issues. They share insights and advice on how to maintain an asbestos-free environment, ensuring that property owners are equipped for lasting safety.

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