It’s not fun dealing with rats or mice in your household. However, it’s good to know their differences and similarities to help you create a removal plan. Find a pest control company that can help you eliminate both pests. Here are some of the differences between rats and mice.

What Are Rats?

One of the first things to know about rat vs mouse differences is the size. Rats are medium-sized and long-tailed rodents. The most common rats you’ll see in the home are Norway and roof rats.

They’re part of the Muridae family (a huge family of rodents and mammals). Norway rats have a heavy and thick body, blunt snout, and short ears with dark hair. They typically weigh around 11 ounces.

Roof rats have a light and slender body, pointy snouts, large ears with no hair. They have a gray body and a dark tail. These rats typically weigh around seven ounces.

Rat Behaviors

Rats will eat just about anything, but they prefer fresh grain and meat. They usually need about 1 oz of fluid each day and will make up for it in water if they don’t get it in their food intake. Norway rats dig under buildings, fences, and plants. Roof rats usually rest in trees, walls, attics, and other high-level places because they like to invade from the top of the structure.

Female Norway rats can start breeding at three months. Springtime is the breeding schedule, and they can create seven litters of 12 young rats. The roof rats develop smaller litters at eight young. Rats can live in the wild for two years but can increase their lifespan to four in captivity.

What Are Mice?

A mouse is a small mammal with a body-length scaly tail. House mice have small heads, small feet, pointed snouts, and large ears. These mice have light brown bodies, and weigh up to ½ oz.

Mice Behaviors

Although they tend to everything, they prefer cereal grains and plants. They like to make it easy to find food sources. Also, they create nests with soft material near a place with easy access to food and water to help them survive.

A female mouse can breed up to eight litters of six babies, and the offspring can reproduce in just six weeks. Mice usually live up to 18 months.

While mice and rats have certain similarities, they have notable differences that make it a unique challenge to remove them. Find a good pest exterminator to help you prevent an infestation.

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