The clue is in the name and when people generally think about locksmiths, they rightly assume that these are the people we call upon to get us back into our business premises or our homes when we are sadly locked out. This is a service that they do very well and they get many people back into their properties every single week on a regular basis. There are other services however that these skilled locksmiths provide that many people are not aware of.

If you were to call on your local Rockingham locksmiths, you would find that they also offer the following additional services.

  • Access to your safe – Many business owners and homeowners keep a safe in their property to keep important documents, jewellery and excess cash as well. It doesn’t matter if you have an old style safe that uses a key lock or a modern one with an electronic keypad because sometimes we lose the key or we forget the code. The good news is that your local locksmith has the skills to get you back into even this most difficult of things.
  • Installation of alarm systems – It makes perfect sense that a locksmith would offer the option of putting an alarm system into your home because after all, they are already dealing with the security of your building in that they can install and replace locks on both your windows and doors.
  • Replacement of glass – If you are unfortunate enough to experience a burglary then it’s likely that the offending party gain access to your building by breaking a window. Now that you have called out the local locksmith to replace all the locks in your property, it follows that they would be able to offer glass replacement for your windows and doors as well.
  • Replacement of locks & mechanisms – If you have lost your keys and you need to replace the locks throughout your home or business property or your property has been broken into by an unscrupulous individual, you’re going to need all of the locks replaced and the mechanisms as well. Your local locksmith even stocks the locks and mechanisms for modern UPVC Windows and doors.

It is refreshing to know that your local locksmith offers a great array of services to homeowners and business owners all across the country right now. They also make themselves available to you 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year because they know and understand that emergencies happen and that you’re going to need essential assistance from them.

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