It’s a pretty open question in reality, and there could be a million or more things that you shouldn’t put down your drain. Children, for example that might cause you some even bigger problems, so stay clear of that one for sure! There is one item though that comes in a packet of more than one, that people continue to flush down the loo, which causes untold mayhem…. Can you guess what they are?

Never, ever throw them down the loo

Believe it, or not, the number one offender when it comes to blocked drains solutions in Oxford, are wet wipes! Yes, wet wipes, even the type that clearly state ‘flushable’ on them. With all due respect, anything that can fit down your toilet pipework could be classed as ‘flushable’, that doesn’t mean that you should get to it though!

Why are they such a danger?

For the most part, wet wipes take a long time to bio-degrade even if the packaging suggests otherwise, they are not dissolvable. As such, they will get stuck at some point. Without going into too much detail, there is a lot of ‘sludge’ in drains, even soap can act as a kind of glue! When it gets congealed, along with hair and any other unwanted waste, it tends to help things like wet wipes stick together.

Sometimes slowly, sometimes surely, you will end up with a backed-up drain, either that, or your neighbors will be cursing, as their drains back up as a result of you putting wipes down the loo.

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