Australians love their lawns. Drive down any suburban street and you will pass hundreds of square meters of manicured emerald green bearing crystalline crowns of softly falling water. The gentle hiss of the sprinklers and the intense natural scent of freshly mown lawns are a part of our national memory we all cherish.

In today’s busy world, it gets harder and harder to maintain the upkeep of our precious slices of paradise. Fortunately, there is help available, if you are looking for lawn mowing at Gold Coast you are in luck, their team of expert mower jockeys are a phone call away to help your lawn look its very best!

Here are some of the most popular types of grass that can be found making Australian cities and towns gorgeously green:

  • Kikuyu – This grass hails from Kenya and has been a mainstay of Australian lawns for decades. It’s perfect for down under as it loves the heat, and high humidity, and can thrive in full sun even in poor soil types. Its leaves are of medium width with an attractive pointy tip, and its bright green colour is eye-catching. Best of all, it’s extremely drought resistant! The only downside is that it tends to grow very quickly, but no worries, just pick up that phone!
  • Buffalo -This durable grass is a big favourite for lawns in Australia. Beautiful, lush Buffalo grass is best known for its unusually wide leaf blade. Back when it was first introduced it was often criticised, especially by young children who found it to be scratchy and irritating to the skin. That problem has been solved thanks to a breeding program that softened up the leaves and made it inviting for anyone to roll around in!
  • Couch – This grass is a popular lawn type because of its low cost, ease of care, fast growth, and great durability. It cleans up nicely with a good mowing, too. One drawback is that it demands fertilisation year-round, to prevent it from looking bare and straggly. The somewhat high maintenance is worth the trouble, though. Couch grass has a finely pointed leaf tip and a vibrant shade of green, so it’s sure to look great, even in times of drought, which it is highly resistant to.
  • Zoysia – A lovely grass that can handle high heat and doesn’t require much maintenance or fertilizer. It also has the benefit of being salt and drought-tolerant. Originally it went by various names like ‘Manila’, ‘Temple’, and ‘Korean’, which made Australians think it might be a bit too fancy and more of an ornamental plant than something the kids could play on. Zoysia can be recognized by its pointy leaf tip that is slightly wider than Couch. Zoysia grows in a dense, spreading manner, and is a heat-loving grass, not suitable for the colder climes.

Most people don’t think much about what kind of grass they are growing, but it is an interesting subject in itself.

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